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Bill Luti 5-Miler Course Records

Fastest male time: Collin Leibold, 2021, 24:11.0
Fastest female time: Emily Durgin, 2018: 26:49.1

(Note: Paul Mwangi ran a 23:52 in 2003 when it was a certified 8k)

The Bill Luti race course has been USATF certified since 1993. Since that time there have been ten different course certifications, seven of which have been used. The following is a list of when each of the certified courses was used:

NH93011WN, 8k, (1993-1998)
NH99003WN, 8k, (1999-2008)
NH09016RF, 5 miles, (2009, 2016)
NH10021RF, 5 miles, (2010-2011)
NH10039RF, 5 miles, (2012)
NH10042RF, 5 miles, (2014-2015)
NH17005BK, 5 miles, (2017-2021)

[Note: In 2013 the course was damaged by an overnight storm and a new course was laid out on the fly on race morning that turned out to be 4.9147 miles]